Projected Balances not accurate

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Projected balances show deposits but is not reflected in the closing balance. for example, if my current ending balance is $1,500 and I have a deposit of $1,700 on 12/30/2022 it should show $3,200 but the closing balance shows $1,500 on 12/31/2022. All other accounts that have deposits over the month show projected balances fine. I've already performed Validate & Repair to include Super Validate & Repair, no change.


  • evilkim
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    Me too right after installing the latest update: R.46.12
    It's actually debiting MORE than the amount of a deposit from the opening balance!
    Check this math: 3622.69 + 2220.88 = 2007.78?!
  • adam.martin
    This is a long standing issue....When is this going to get fixed Quicken!?!
    So frustrating!!
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    After I upgraded to the latest (January 2023), my projected balances plummeted. It seemed to be working before, so I reverted to Version R45.21 Build I thought it was working again, but today realized that the MATH is still off.

    I also limited the graph to ONLY my checking account, but when I have a transfer from a savings to my checking, it shows the value of the transfer +$300, but shows the balance as $0 (which doesn't match the checking future or the savings balances).

    I then downloaded each month for Bills and Income (Printed the CSV) and compiled it into a spreadsheet. After 12 months, the Projected Balance shows $5,814.60 less than the calculated balance of my checking account.

    I don't have any instances where there are estimated values for the transactions. I've run Validate & Super Validate with no change.

    When I tried to chat with tech support, he just regurgitated the first 3 posts from the message boards and tried to convince me that everything is working properly. I fully understand that balances only update "once a day" (if you have 3 transactions on 2/1/2023, the balance reflects the summation of the three values; -$10, +$50, -$30 will result in a +$10 change to the balance). But, explain why the math is perfect for the first 9 transactions (rest of the month of January in my case) but then goes stupid. It runs for 8 transactions with a delta of -$709, then a $300 transaction that it seems to calculate correctly, runs for 7 transactions with a delta of -$409, then a -$50 transaction, were it stays for 2 transactions at a delta of -$459, then goes back to -$409 for 5 transactions before going to -1,119... oddly -$709 more than -$409... where it stays for 8 transactions before utilizing another $300 transfer correctly to show -$819 for another 7 transactions.

    I wish there was a way to communicate via email to Quicken so that I could send some data. Or get to someone with some sense to communicate this issue.
  • Karma Schmieg
    I realized something was amiss when I had like $150,000 more in a checking account than it should! I found the inflated amounts (from years of transfers from paychecks), but when trying to "go to the matching entry", it goes to some arbitrary entry that has nothing to do with my paycheck. I can't figure out how to fix it! I don't exactly know when it started because 5/3 Bank stopped doing One Step Update downloads into Quicken, so I thought it was related to that. I am on 47.15. (I will also report the issue.)
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