How do I turn off SYNC permanently - I don't do mobile/web of any kind and it keeps turning on

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I am not a mobile/web user of Quicken - yet Sync keeps getting turned on on my Desktop instance without my permission or any action on my part. How do I stop this permanently? And how do I remove any/all Cloud data forever? My data stays on my computer-period! So what is the magic operation to remove this?


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    I have not had Sync turn itself on in a long time. Here is what I did. With Sync On, I went to the Mobil tab and deselected all accounts including hidden account from syncing. You should see 0 selected of X accounts eligible for syncing. It should go through a process that deletes the cloud transactions. While Sync is still on you can go to Preferences, Cloud Accounts and delete cloud accounts from old files that may have been created. You can't delete the cloud file you are working in.

    With no accounts selected, if the master Sync button does come back on, no accounts sync. Then I turned Sync off and it hasn't come back on. Be aware that if you add an account in the future, you will need to go to the Mobil tab and deselect it from Sync.

    You can't keep everything out of the cloud, Express Web Connect uses it to download transactions, but you can make it so no one can logon and see your transactions and account balances.

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