Investment trans show as zero in reconciliation window

MeAgain Member ✭✭
I have investment transactions (ReinvDiv) that come up in the reconciliation window as zero when they are clearly not. Software is Quicken Deluxe and is up-to-date. Windows 10 Pro. Has anyone seen this? I'll post a screen shot if I have the option.


  • Mark1104
    Mark1104 Member ✭✭✭✭
    @meagain -  if you reinvested then there is no impact to the cash balance.....the entries in the reconcilation window should indeed be zero.  why do you think they are 'clearly not' zero?  
  • MeAgain
    MeAgain Member ✭✭
    Ah, makes sense. I usually reconcile investment accounts manually. Threw me. Thanks
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