Ongoing Citi download fails

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I have been a loyal Citi credit card customer for decades. I hope someone from Citi reads this.

I have stopped using all my Citi credit cards because they no longer download into Quicken. I have switched to the Wells Fargo Active cash card, which also pays 2%, just like the Citi Double Cash card.

Citi: You are LITERALLY chasing business away. Fix it!


  • UKR
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    Have you authorized Quicken to be granted access to your Citi accounts? Have you checked that this is still in effect?

    Logon to the Citi website, locate the Settings page and select Manage Desktop Apps.

    On that page make sure that "Quicken (Windows or Mac)" has access to your accounts. If not, use the "Add Access button" to set it up.

  • James Marshall
    I do not want to automatically allow Quicken access to my bank. I just want to do what I have always done - manually download QFX statement and upload into Quicken account. Why is this such a problem? It has worked smoothly for years.
  • rgdegraff
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    I started 2 weeks ago having problems connecting to Citi Cards to download transactions. Quicken tells me this is an ongoing problem and they are working on it.
  • Doninthewater
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    I'm having the same problem. Long-time Citi Card(Costco) user with Quicken
  • kerrydeare
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    Same issue. Citi is flawless for one user, and not for a second user. I manage both users and have done so for decades, formerly with total success. I have run through the "usual suspects" to cure this, but the issue persists.
  • Richard10570
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    It's a disgusting mess.
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