Steps to follow after file validation

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I have read through several threads pertaining to Quicken File Validation but need assistance on what to do AFTER the validation is complete and the data log has been produced...

I have a validated file which is the "Cpy" file AND I have the original file which I backed up prior to validation.

Question 1: My assumption is that the "Cpy" file contains all the validation corrections therefore the "Cpy" is the file I should use moving forward - is that correct?

After following the instructions in a prior post, I renamed my "Cpy" file and opened it in Quicken.

I performed a One Step Update and none of my financial institutions are set up for download

Question 2: What do I do now?

Thank you


  • markus1957
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    Validation alone will not create a file ending in CPY. It saves a copy of the pre-validated file with the same name as the original in the Validate folder and stores the validated file in its original location. It sounds like you also did a File Copy and chose the option to create a file disconnected from the original file. The file without the CPY will be the validated file before the Copy process and should have retained all of your FI connections.
  • Katgirl
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    Thank you - you are correct - I did make a copy (Create a Copy/Save Copy).

    Honestly I forgot about that....


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