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The wells Fargo issue has not been resolved. It still does not connect for updated nor for making payments thru quicken. If not resolved do we all get a refund or when we renew (if we do) will we receive a reduced price?


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    I have Wells connecting to ALL of my accounts AND paying bills through Quicken.
    I do have issues getting Online Billers to work with Wells and there has not been a pdf in MANY months. Additonally, Wells CC payments come through and match, then come through AGAIN the day the billing cycle closes and will not match, even manually.
    So yes, in my experience Quicken and Wells have issues, but I for one do NOT have the issues yoiu are experiencing.
    Do you say it will not connect to WElls for any purpose? Error message? Does it time out? The more specific you can be the more likely someone can help you.
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    @tszoke5 - what version of WINDOWS are you on? 
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    Mark I have had quicken for many years. When Microsoft money was discontinued I started with Quicken. It has worked for the entire time ( 10 or 15 Years) and as of 10 27 it stopped I am using w 8.1 and will be updated to 10 then 11 next month. I have spoken to Quicken support and WF support with negative results. quicken has to know what the problem is and should send out an up date.
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    @tszoke5 - I suspect your issue is WIN8.1 and the problem will clear once you upgrade... there was a posting by another community member who traced the call routines to the Wells servers... appears it won't play nicely with WIn8.1, even though Q states the minimum requirements include Win8.1 

    click the SSLLABS link below, then click on either of the servers listed, scroll down and it'll show a failure to connect to WIn8.1..... I am not a technology expert, but it appears to be pretty good evidence that Wells and WIn8.1 just don't work together.

    @npppb - can you please elaborate.... 

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    What changed at the end of October was the cipher suites supported by https://ofxdc.wellsfargo.com/. You will see an error connecting to this site in your connection log. You can also see that won't work with win 7, 8, or 8.1 at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=ofxdc.wellsfargo.com. This applies to direct connect. Previous comments indicate that express web connect works.
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    My Wells fargo connection is also still not resolved. This is becoming a pain. I have to manually download acct activity and upload to Quicken. It is not a windows issue because i bank with two other institutions and they are working fine.
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    @katie Cameron - not necessarily..... Wells changed something.  what version of WINDOWS are you on? the links above appear to prove that while Quicken states it supports Win8.1, Wells does not. Win7 is no longer supported by Quicken. 
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