What account should i use for morgan stanley?

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Brokerage is not an option and when i do money market or checking it only shows how much cash i have in the account not the total of my investments


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    What version of Quicken for Mac are you using?

    Quicken offers three choices for "Morgan Stanley".
    - Which one are you using?
    - Have you tried the other two?

    When you select one of the three choices and continue
    - Have you clicked on the Advanced button, and made sure that Direct Connect is selected?

    Your said "Brokerage is not an option"
    - Can you post a screenshot? (to do this, just drag the screenshot file into your post and it will appear wherever the cursor is located.)

    Something you might try:
    - First create an investment account as an Offline Account (not connected to Morgan Stanley), then go into Account Settings > Downloads tab and Connect Account...
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