Duplicate Credit Card Payments (many suddenly appeared)

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’Twas three nights after Christmas….. when what to my wondering eyes should appear…. but large, positive balances in my Chase credit cards. One in the tens of thousands of $$! Sadly, it’s untrue.

It took some time to realize that Quicken Mac had gone back 24 months and entered a duplicate “Thank you for your payment” Chase transaction alongside the pre-existing transfer from my bank account. Prior to Nov 2020, the balances are correct and no duplicates are entered.

Please note these accounts are regularly reconciled, and this is a problem that occurred during my recent online account update, or possibly one earlier this month where I didn't notice the balance errors.

I’m thinking this is an error in a recent Quicken Mac update, evidently due to mis-matching transactions on update. Maybe due to a change at Chase. But remember this went back 24 months, but just happened. I'd guess it may affect many users.

It was pretty easy to search for and delete the offending entries. I've attached a sample image from one of my accounts. Interestingly, all previously cleared Wells transfers have been un-cleared.

Any insights into the cause of this would be appreciated.


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    1) It would have been interesting to take note of the Modified value (both date and time - which may be viewed by hovering the mouse over the Modified date in the transaction register) on that duplicate transaction.
    - If the Modified date was on a recent day, you can use the date and time to correlate the appearance of the transaction to a specific event, be it an online account update, or perhaps some manual editing in the register.
    - If the Modified date matches the original transaction that has been duplicated, then likely Quicken simply duplicated the original transaction.

    2) Did you check the Reconcile History for the account? What did it report about the month in which the duplicate transaction appeared?

    3) I notice in the screenshot posted that the transaction and its duplicate are not really the same. 
    a) The dates are 1 day apart.
    b) The dates are in November 2022, not 24 months ago.
    b) The Payees are different, but each name suggesting that the values may have been downloaded, possibly from different sources.
    c) The original transaction is categorized as Credit Card Payment, but the duplicate is categorized as a transfer of funds from a checking account.
    d) I notice that the "Thank you for you payment" transaction is marked as Reconciled, and the other as not Cleared. If the "Thank you" transactions is new, then how did it get reconciled?

    Further notes:
    4) The original post stated '... entered a duplicate “Thank you for your payment” Chase transaction alongside the pre-existing transfer from my bank account.'  But the screenshot suggests that the "Thank you for your payment" was the pre-existing transaction (it is Reconciled), and the transfer transaction (not Cleared) was the new transaction that upset the balance in the account.
    5) There was a mention for offending entries (plural).  But no details provided.

    Hope this helps understanding what happened. 

    Since the full description of the extent of the errors was not posted, the analysis here may be inaccurate.

    Do you by chance have backups that are before you fixed (deleted) the offending transactions, that can be examined for further evidence?
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