12 Month Graphical Budget View - Quicken Mac ver 6.10.3

bobweder Member ✭✭
I love the default graphical 1-month budget view. Is there a way to get the SAME graphical view for a 12 month period?


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Identical? No

    Similar? Yes

    Better? Likely so! And you will have more options for reporting/printing/exporting.

    Go into the 12 month Budget, and become familiar with it. If you go into Settings (either at the upper right of the budget or via Preferences), you will see various options. Switch each popup to explore what they do, and what works best for you: 

    After you see how those preferences changes things, you should look at the following highlighted in red. The First circle toggles a column of a summary for the year, and the arrow dropdown allows you to show how the difference is calculated. (YTD or Entire Year.) 

    I suspect as you become more familiar with the 12 month view, you will prefer the larger picture.

    Good luck! 

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