Setting Up Quicken on New PC Wndws 11

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I'm using Quicken Deluxe R45.13 with Wndws 8.1 and have an autorenewal at the end of Jan '23. Should I wait to install renewed updated version on the new PC before migrating old files? Or can I reinstall now and migrate before that renewal occurs? FYI, I did try the latter option already by using My Account app but it did not recognize my data file.


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    Your renewal date has absolutely nothing to do with when updates are released or available to you.  Updates are released continuously for both Windows and Mac since Quicken switched to subscription.   With a few rare exceptions, you should "always" update whenever the product alerts you that an update is available for download/install.

    From your account page page, go to the Overview tab, and from the "Access Your Apps" tile, download the most current release to your new Windows 11 PC and go ahead and migrate your data.  Personally, I think running a Windows 8.1 PC is a security risk and would get off of it ASAP.

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