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Cross-Currency Budgets (Q Mac)

pjpjr10 Member ✭✭
edited October 11 in Product Enhancements

I am currently earning income from the US (in USD) and live in the UK (thus exchanging and spending mainly in GBP), though I do still have bills in the US that I pay in USD. As I look at my (USD-based) budget for 2023, I notice that my GBP actual expenses do not show up in my actuals columns in the budget. Could you please update Quicken for Mac to incorporate cross-currency budgets (likely a feature to toggle on/off based on preference) such that currencies are converted and accounted for in the budget (i.e., my budget is set up in USD, and if a transaction occurs in GBP, I would want that transaction accounted for in the budget through an exchange conversion).

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