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I have a Citibank Card that was unused for months. Resumed using it mid December. It has a total of seven (7) charges since the last September 2022 statement which has a zero balance.

My register has seven charges -- a total of $540.59. The Citibank Website shows the same charges and balance.

I do have a pending transaction on the Citibank website of $52.37 and that also is in my register.

Today I download my transactions and Quicken says I downloaded the Citibank card at 7:08am along with my other accounts.

The Reconcile system indicates an error. Quicken software says the OnLine Balance is $439.46 and a Quicken Balance of $540.59 ---- a difference of $101.13

I update my Quicken every morning - and this is the first issue since I resumed using the card in mid December.

It is almost as if some how the servers at Quicken have a value for my credit card that is in error. Certainly possible, but really??

I did try to force the system to download/update by clicking the "Update" button in the Connectivity Status window, but the system does not show a more recent update.


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    • Double-check the account's Opening Balance transaction. Is it the correct amount?
    • Is there more than one Opening Balance transaction in your register? There should only be one, ever, as the first transaction in your register by date ...
    • Are there any Balance Adjustment transactions in the register? Again, there shouldn't be. Discrepancies like duplicate or missing transactions or incorrect amounts need to be resolved.
    • Are there any downloaded transactions that are marked as not reviewed?
    • Are there any downloaded transactions that need to be matched to an existing register transaction? That's what causes duplicates ...
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    Apparently the cause was indeed something in the Quicken servers or getting information from them.

    I opened settings and turned off downloads, closed and rebooted Quicken and then setup the download process again. At that point the first download the Online balance Quicken displayed agreed with my register and Citi-Bank.
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