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When I open home inventory and try to open an item inventory shuts down. If I try to add a new item it shuts down as well. No error messages. I have tried rebooting PC. I am running R45.21


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    You can try this and see if it helps.
    Locate the QHI.exe.
    Mine is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken
    Right click the .exe and pick Properties.
    Click on the Compatibility tab.
    You can try and put a check mark where it says Run as Administrator. Then click on Apply.
    See if that works.
    If it does not work.
    Go back to the QHI Properties and the the same tab click on the Compatibility Mode
    and pick Windows 7 and then apply.
    You can test it with the check mark for Run as Admin in place or you can remove it to further test it under the Compatibility Mode.
    Do this with Quicken closed.
    You can after each change click on the QHI.exe to open the Inventory Manager without opening Quicken to see if it opens or not.

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