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John S32092
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I have downloaded transactions in the same amount in multiple accounts. They are for separate transactions but quicken makes them a transfer between accounts. When I edit 1 in account A, it deletes it from account B instead of letting me classify it. How do I stop it from deleting the other side of the transaction?


  • mshiggins
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    There is no elegant way to revert a mistaken transfer back to its two separate transactions. You can copy and paste the transfer, then edit one copy in the first account and edit the second copy in the other account.

    To prevent future occurrences of the issue, there is a preference setting you can change to stop transaction matching from incorrectly identifying two different transactions as a transfer. 

    In QW2017, the menu path is Edit | Preferences | Transfer Detection.

    You can either turn off Transfer Detection completely by unchecking “Scan downloaded transactions for possible transfers” or opt to be notified about potential transfers before the transactions are changed using “Confirm possible transfers before entering in register“.

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  • John S32092
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    Thank you very much
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