Quick Pay stuck on "Processing". Cannot cancel payment

Made a payment to a normal online biller that I have made many times before. After 3 days the payment from Quicken has not gone through yet. This is unusual. Status shows "Processing (Quick Pay)" in the Bills & Income tab. The bill on the biller's website still shows unpaid and now it is late. Thanks Quicken. Never seems to be an end to problems with Quicken. So why do I keep using this software is anybody's guess.
I read and tried all suggestions to cancel the payment in Quicken but hit a "catch 22" situation where there appears to be no way to cancel. One suggestion I've seen was to remove the biller however it knows there's a pending payment so you have to cancel the payment first. When clicking "Cancel" button in the Bills & Income for that biller the useless info message with Ok button says "Quicken was unable to cancel the payment which was processing. You should log in to the biller website to determine the status of the payment and then edit or delete the register transaction as appropriate."
Yeah so thanks Quicken QA person but that doesn't work (obviously you never tried this during testing, if you do testing) You cannot delete or cancel the transaction in the register because: a) there is no way to cancel it, no right click menu for canceling and b) when you try to delete it says you must cancel the transaction first.
So my dilemma is this. I could easily go pay the bill on their site. It's late and I want to go do that. However I have no idea if Quicken will eventually pay the bill. I've no idea because it is locked in limbo right now.

using latest Quicken Premier R45.21 Build:


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    I have experienced a similar issue.  I have 2 QuickPay payments that were scheduled to be paid yesterday.  They have been processing but remain in that state.  The difference is that I could cancel them which to me would indicate they were never truly being processed.  If they were my experience would indicate that if they were, I would have the same situation as you, unable to cancel them.  In my case after cancelling them, I've resubmitted them and we'll see what occurs.  I never had any problems paying bills until Bill Manager was introduced.  Now my list of billers that don't or won't work with Quicken is growing longer and longer.  
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