Workaround for Fidelity Rewards card bad QFX file

Doug Eldred
Doug Eldred Member ✭✭
There's a workaround for Quicken being unable to import Fidelity Rewards card transactions; this is Quicken for Mac and started in early December, but probably applies to Quick for Windows also. Create a free online Mint account and get your Fidelity Rewards card into the account. Download transactions in CSV format, and import that into Quicken. It'll go into a new "account" which appears to match the filename, but you can then move transactions into the "real" Fidelity Rewards account in Quicken. It's a little cumbersome but a lot easier than manually entering everything by hand.


  • jcwent57
    jcwent57 Member
    Thank you for this. But isn't it just a little crazy to have to do this?

    While we're at it, Quick Jasmine claims this is 'resolved'. Then why have I spent the last 30 minutes trying to get it to work?
  • Doug Eldred
    Doug Eldred Member ✭✭
    Like most bugs, it's a little crazy, but at least this "automates" most of the pain away.
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