Reports - including/excluding categories not respected

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edited February 2023 in Reports (Windows)
If I run a report, then edit the settings to exclude some categories or subcategories, the report does not update to reflect having excluded them. When I edit settings again, the subcategories are shown as not selected, but the report still includes them.


  • Shannel2715
    I am having the same issues. On my saved reports, there are categories selected that should not be included in the report. I select "clear all" and then the correct category, pull up the report and sometimes the correct categories are there, sometimes not. There seems to be a problem in the "Matching" section of the customization of reports. It shows a "~.." I think there is a problem with the report customization process. If I change the Matching section "category" to "=(name of category" seems to include correct category but the preselected categories have returned after removal. It is EOY and I am trying to get my reports to do my Income Tax Return with and this is very frustrating. Reports are not working correctly.
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