Budget is showing transaction values of unselected category (mortgage interest) (Q Mac)

Wayne Dibble
Wayne Dibble Member ✭✭
To keep the budget simple I set it up to only show the transfer to my Debt account by including To:Mortgage: I unselected my mortgage debt account, I unselected Home Interest, Home Insurance subcategories under Home. The budget total for the Home category, shows the mortgage interest value as an expense paid and also shows the transfer. When I double click the transactions, no mortgage interest transaction are show though the value is in the total. The way it is set up with mortgage account and interest subcategory not selected, it should not pull in that value. Why is quicken Mac budget pulling in the interest payment if the account and subcategory is not selected?


  • Wayne Dibble
    Wayne Dibble Member ✭✭
    Solved my problem, had to unselect the category Home and only select the individual subcategories to make it work.
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