Quicken Bill Manager - Time for an overhaul??

I am finding that Quicken's Bill Manager is becoming less & less useful with each passing month. I believe that this is directly related to the increased security that billers are using (i.e. 2-Factor Authentication) for every single sign-in - see Target for an example.) It's very annoying, but I get why they do it.

You see this in the messages that you get in Bill Manager that say that the biller requires more information or a "response from you". Quicken's Bill Manager simply does not have an answer for this.

Because my bank's bill pay system requires 3 days lead time, I have taken another approach. Since most major billers allow you to pay on their websites, I enter their URLs into Quicken's Bill Reminders ... then utilize the Quicken Calendar and simply click the link & pay the bill. (Yes, I have to deal with the 2FA, etc. - but it beats all the "Fix It"s that show up.

I think I'm now paying more bills this way, than via Bill Manager - because I have to. Personally, I think it will take an overhaul or re-design of Bill Manager to accommodate the security measures these companies are using now,


  • Bruce C
    Bruce C Member ✭✭
    I have to agree with DexterB. More and more of my Billers are now reverting to Fix It status and they never get fixed. American Express was the first (2 different accounts) but other large Billers like Dominion Energy, Washington Gas have reverted to this stated. It takes me longer to pay bills through Bill Manager than doing it manually and entering the data. If anyone has any suggestions for correcting, let us know.
  • chrisfra2009
    chrisfra2009 Member ✭✭
    Same issues here. Quicken Bill Manager seems to have on-going issues with 2-factor authentication, which is standard best practice for the industry. Transaction downloads from other non-billpay accounts that use 2FA work, so it seems like there should be a way to fix this on the Quicken side.
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