Why don't post dates show anything more than the month, now?

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When I'm searching for answers in these forums I always like to see exactly when the post or comment was made.  For a little while, now, I've noticed that all I see on posts and comments are the month and year - no date.  If the post was made today, it will show the time - but anything else just shows month and date!  I'm attaching an example.

Quicken Classic Premier (Windows) R52.33


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    Just hover the mouse pointer over the date and it'll show you an exact timestamp.
    Somebody in the programming department thought it a good idea to display the timestamp in a varying format, attempting to show if this was a recent message or something older.
    "December 2022" shown on 1/1/23 ... hey, that's last year! Old stuff! ... the programming thinks ... I wish they'd just simply state the actual date, time and time zone.
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