Not being prompted to save when moving off a changed or new transaction

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I'm worried.  I've used Quicken since the 1990's, if not earlier, and have always depended on (and been able to trust) it.  I grew worried about its reliability toward the end of Intuit's ownership, so I was encouraged by the new ownership.

Now, however, I'm seeing enough issues to be concerned about my data, again.

I'm having the same One Step Update issue that many others are having, today, but this is not about that.

I'm not getting the prompt I have always gotten to save a transaction.  When I selected a downloaded transaction so that it moves into my register, and then I enter split detail on that transaction, I should be reminded to save that, if I move my cursor off the register transaction - that's what has always happened.  Today, I lost 2 transactions before noticing that they remained only in my downloaded transactions and were NOT in the register.  I am not getting the prompt, anymore.

The setting, under Notify, To save a transaction after changing it is turned on.

EDITED to add that using Ctrl-Enter is no longer consistently saving my changes in a transaction, apparently?  I just meticulously entered a 6 line split in a transaction, hit Ctrl-Enter as I usually do, and the transaction reverted to the memorized data from the downloaded transaction.  I'm reporting this as a bug.

Quicken Classic Premier (Windows) R52.33


  • Go to 'Preferences' then 'Notify' then check the box for 'To save transaction after changing it'. That should solve your issue I believe.
  • If the above doesn't work, back-up your data to removal media, then uninstall Quicken and re-install it with default settings. Then use restore Quicken data file utility. Hopefully that will fix your issue.
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