Renewal prices too high still.

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:( :( This has been an ongoing issue since Quicken was sold to H.I.G Capital in 2016. While the new customer subscription fee is reasonable, the renewal cost if far too high with no loyalty discount. I've been using Quicken since the first version was available for MS DOS and I would only upgrade every 2-3 years as features I thought I would like were added.
Lots of commenters have replied to others posts stating how cheaper Quicken renewal is than "Microsoft or Adobe" or how Quicken under Intuit remained "stagnant" and how "more expensive internet or cable service is" (not exactly comparing apples to apples) but alright.
Try contemplating this: the owners of Quicken (as with MP3 music, movie / tv streaming, books, magazines, etc.) DO NOT need to produce or acquire the storage media then package it and then physically distribute (transport) it and wait for the retail location to sell it. All this digital media is one step above vaporware, I pay more for digital content and I physically get and own nothing!!
Look at how many digital content providers have closed down... Ultraviolet and Walmart Music Server just to name a couple.


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