How to prune the Payee field in Online Center?

This problem is driving me nuts and I cant seem to resolve it after reading multiple documents.
Over the years I've needed to create different versions of an online utility payee because of paying address changes, account number changes, etc. For example, I have Electricity, Electricity_1, Electricity_2 etc in my Online Payee list.
Now when I go to the Online Payee window and in the Payee field, begin to type: Ele... I see in the drop down Electricity, Electricity_1, Electricity_2, etc.
What do I need to do to have only the most recent payee show up and not the entire list (or the one that I want to display)? That is, I want to designate which payees actually show up in the dropdown when I begin to type: Ele....

I read in the doc for Mac ( that there is a way to hide payees that one does not want to show up in the Payee window. I cannot find a similar function for Windows. It *seems* the only way is to delete the payees in the Online Payee List (if this is the only way, any bad side effects? )
I am reluctant to delete 'old' online payees because of some unwanted side effects that arn't documented or that I don't know about.
Thanks for any advice....
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