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Workaround, Importing Fidelity Rewards Visa Quicken for Mac

quickish Member ✭✭
Not sure if anyone has already posted this. There is a work around to this issue.

ProperSoft sells an App call ProperConvert that will convert CSV files into Quicken files. I just used it and I can confirm it works.

I downloaded a CSV file from Fidelity for my Visa.
Ran the file through ProperConvert.
The converted file imported into Quicken for Mac.

My mac is an M1 processor, so I can confirm their app works on the newest Apple computers.

It's rediculous that we have to use converters, because Fidelity, Elan and/or Quicken can't simply learn to play together.

I miss the old days when people had to test their software before they shipped it. Clearly no one tested this change. The failure is 100% repeatable.


  • lillyg
    lillyg Member
    I am having this same problem. We should not have to purchase software to do this. Having read all the commentary of the subject, it appears to be a problem at Elan Financial. They need to prioritize a fix as soon as possible. I am going to stop using the Fidelity Visa until this is fixed.
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