Why does Quicken prompt me for 1:1 Stock Splits?

Why am I getting stock splits that are 1:1? What is the point of a 1for1 stock split? I thought it might be a rounding error but as you can see in the screenshot there are also stock splits that are showing 6 decimal places.

Any ideas?


  • justmakeitwork
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    Bueller? Bueller? :)
  • Bob_L
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    Strange.  Never seen that.  Who is the FI? 

    If that happened to me, I would probably backup first, accept the splits, and then do a compare to online balances to see what happened, and proceed based on what it shows.
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  • q_lurker
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    That is not an FI issue.  That data is coming from Quicken's quote supplier.  Why?  No guesses.   

    Are those all Canadian based ETFs?

    I would use the Report a Problem path (Quicken Help) including that screen shot with as much info as possible.  It may be near impossible to remedy.  I have been getting a 1;1 split prompt for over six months that should not appear.  
  • justmakeitwork
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    I agree the data is coming from Quicken Security Data Supplier. Previously, I have accepted them and then had to go in and adjust afterwards because it messed up my share total. One theory I have is that they might be adjustments for items like Return of Capital because they seem to happen to ETFs.

    I need to make more notes on it when it happens next. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or had seen it before.

    Thanks for the responses.