Can you spread asset types by account in an investment report

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I have numerous different accounts (taxable, IRA, Roth, etc.) that all own assets of various asset types (large cap stocks, small cap stocks, intl stock, domestic bonds, etcs.)

I want to a report that spreads asset types (such as above) by individual account.

Is this possible in Quicken? I could not see how in a first pass review.

I can't be alone in being interested in this capability.

Thank you.


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    I think you are saying you would like the overall asset allocation information (breakdown by Lg-Cap, Sml-Cap, etc.) for each account individually within one report.  There is not any such report available.  In the Product Ideas area of this site, there are a variety of ideas identified about asset allocation in total revealing some definite shortcomings in that presentation area.  In my opinion, the breadth of issues identified is enough that I don't expect any action to be taken in any such direction in the near term.

    With the current product, the best I can offer is the base Asset Allocation report customized for each account (or group of accounts).  If helpful, save the reports for easy recall.  Exporting those reports to Excel or similar may allow you to get closer to your target.  

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    Thank you. Much appreciated. I will try it. Leaves a lot to be desired. Quicken clearly has not been focusing on updating their product in a meaningful way.
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