FIDELITY REQRDS ELAN Not loading QFX Follow up - (Ticket #9845386/CTP-5028

stringerleo Member ✭✭
It has not been over 2 months since Fidelity Elan Financial stopped working when loading qfx files. 2 weeks ago I provided good and bad qfx files to show exactly when this problem started --- ELAN NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE PRIOR QFX FILE FORMAT -- It is incredibly rude to expect us to add each transaction manually - Why can't I convert a csv file to QFX via quicken ???


  • Doug Eldred
    Doug Eldred Member ✭✭
    If you create a account with the credit card, you can download MINT .csv files and import them into Quicken. It's a little tedious, but far easier and more accurate than entering everything manually.
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