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Schwab download duplicates transactions

Seems like a bug to me:

Transfers between 2 Schwab accounts (brokerage and checking) correctly categorizes as a transfer on the checking side, placing the other side of the transfer on the brokerage side....

Then brokerage gets a second debit transaction for the same amount, same date.

I can manually delete them, but it's a pain and prone to error. Several like this every day.

Quicken Mac Version 6.11.1 (Build 611.47285.100)

Something I'm missing?



  • lhossus
    lhossus SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you tried dragging one of the pair of transactions in your brokerage account on top of the other, such that they become (manually) matched?

    Once you manually match a pair of transactions this way, Quicken should in the future automatically match pairs with the same amount and similar dates.

    But be warned: you said that you have several such pairs every day. This could confuse Quicken such that the the wrong transactions are matched if the amount is the same on several transactions. To fix that, select the affected transaction and in Quicken's menu: Transactions > Reject Automatic Transaction Match.
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  • johnnybovril
    johnnybovril Member
    You're so kind and helpful. That's exactly the hint I needed. I'm working back through the past stuff to find my past dupes and clean it up like this. I also enabled the 'match status' to help me spot this if it happens again.
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