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HELP with data file password and backed up files

SueBalk Unconfirmed, Member
Ticket ID 9853977 and 9853849
HELP! I have used Quicken for over twenty years, paying bills and recording all sorts of financial information. On October 25, I paid all the bills and did a back-up, as I have faithfully after each time using Quicken, and logged out. Later in the day, I attempted to log into Quicken again to check something, but was not able to. I got a message asking for the data password. I tried the regular password, but no luck.

After a vacation, I tried to log in again, again no luck. I had been using a version from 2011 and thought that might be the problem. So I downloaded the current version, but was unable to upload the back-up file from Oct. 25.

Called for help, and after a lengthy conversation and trying many things, it was determined that he would pass on my back-up for someone else to look at.

A few days later, I received a curt email stating “Hello Sue, Unfortunately, we were unable to remove the password from your data file”.
I called the help number again, and ended up with a three-hour conversation trying many things. Still no luck.

I see where there an option to “Set password for data” that I must have done in my haste to get bills paid before vacation on Oct 25 (A thought – if this can cause a person to lose over 20 years of data, maybe it shouldn’t be so easy!)

So I understand why the backup from Oct 25 with a unknown data password on it can’t be loaded, but what I don’t understand is why a back-up from a prior month won’t work!? It had to have worked for me to open Quicken and pay bills on Oct 25th.

So can anybody help me with? I really miss not being able to access all the data of the past years. And I’m hesitant to enter new data, hoping the back data can be restored and I can enter the data from Oct 25th on. And if I’m really [Removed - Language], I have no faith that something like this won’t happen again.

Just sent this to customersupport and got an email stating the file was closed. And that I should call them. (They didn't even bother to list a phone number to call!)


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