how to change a category from Income to Expense in Quicken Essentials?

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I am using an old version 1.7.4 of Quicken Essentials, which has been working satisfactorily, (NOTE: Essentials is not on the list to ask questions about so I chose 'Quicken for Mac' in order to post my question.)
PROBLEM: I suddenly noticed that an expense category has inexplicably moved from 'Expense' to 'Income'. I have looked through every including Help, but cannot see how categories are designated 'Income' or 'Expense' or how to change it. The 'Edit' function within the Category menu does not show whether a category is designated 'Income' or Expense' or how to change it.


  • Joelker
    Joelker Member ✭✭
    I figured out what the problem is. A category that normally would be an expense (i.e. "Money out") ended with a credit, so it showed up in the "Money in" section of the Category Explorer report.
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