How do I get to a new line to enter a transaction in manual entry Credit Card in Q2012

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Using Quicken 2012 - first time I have set up credit card account. I entered transactions yesterday but cannot figure out how to continue to enter new transactions. The register does not move down to a new line.


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    Is your register scrolled all the way to the bottom? Drag the vertical slider on the right side of the register to the bottom.
    How is your register sorted? It should be sorted by Date in ascending order.
    Click the Date column header to sort the register.
    When sorted by ascending Date (newest transaction by date at the bottom), the new transaction entry line will always appear at the bottom of the register.
    When sorted by descending Date (newest transaction by date at the top), it will appear at the top of the register.
    The keyboard shortcut CTRL-N should position your register at the new entry line.
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