Why does account lose correct balance when filter for Current Year?

I've filtered all my accounts to be Current Year. They've always worked until now. All of them are working except one ... the balance on it is completely wrong. Any idea how to fix this?


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I would check to see if you have any unpaid/unposted scheduled transactions prior to 1/1/23.

    Those will affect the running balances when visible, but will not if you filter them out such as showing the current year.
  • Donnette
    Donnette Member
    I checked and there are no unpaid/unposted scheduled transactions. I do not have any scheduled transaction in this account. I also discovered that if I choose to filter on 'Last 90 Days' the correct balance is carried forward. But if I choose to filter on 'Last 60 Days' the balance is not correct. Very strange!
  • UKR
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    How many Opening Balance transactions are there in the unfiltered account register? There should only be one.
    How many Balance Adjustment transactions are there in the register? There shouldn't be any at all.
    How about recently downloaded transactions that haven't been matched to register transactions, now causing possible duplicates?
  • Donnette
    Donnette Member
    There is only 1 opening balance, and there are no Bal Adjustments. It is a very simple account - it is my Cash account so there are no downloaded transactions. The complicated accounts are all working perfectly, which is why this makes no sense.
  • lhossus
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    So what happens if ...

    For the oldest transaction on the Last 60 days filter view (i. e. a transaction on Nov 6th or thereafter). This would be approximately the starting balance for the 60 day period.

    Compare that transaction's running BALANCE value in the Last 60 days view to that same transaction's BALANCE value in the Last 90 days view.
    Do they match?

    Since the ending (today's) balance differs depending on the filter view, I expect the starting balance to be different as well. Can you see what happened in the interval between 90 days ago and 60 days ago that messes up the balance at 60 days ago?

    PS: be SURE the register is sorted by the DATE column. All bets are off if it is sorted otherwise.
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  • Donnette
    Donnette Member
    Had some illness in family so didn't look at this until now. I did what I believe you suggested. I did a 60 day view. The ending balance is not correct. I found the balance after the 1st transaction of this view, and it is also not correct. I then did a 90 day view, and the ending balance is correct, and I found the same transaction that was the 1st one in the 60 day view, and it is also correct in this view.