Reconcilation Bank Balance is Including Pending Transactions

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For the past several months, when I reconcile my US Bank checking accounts, Quicken downloads the "available balance" from the US Bank website rather than the "cleared balance". As a result I always am unable to reconcile to my Quicken balance. To fix the problem, I have to manually add the pending bank transactions to my Quicken checking account register. These transactions are often loan payments and the interest and principal amounts are not yet available from the lender so I always have to make a note to go back and update the category split. It is so annoying and time consuming.

I have used Quicken for decades and can't believe there is a valid reason for using the "available balance". It must be Quicken obtaining the incorrect value/field from the bank's database. I keep waiting for a fix, but it hasn't happened. Is anyone else having the same issue? Is it only a problem with US Bank or is this issue happening with other banks too?


  • QJohnA
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    Same thing with Chase. I abandoned online reconciliation after using it since 1996. Their app displays the cleared balance, and they have a daily email showing the cleared balance with accompanying transactions, so I use those instead. As I recall, there was a way to exclude the pending transactions from the download, but earlier on it wasn't working. After changing to manual balancing, I've have never gone back to see if it was fixed.
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