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So...I have my mortgage setup properly. I make my payment which includes interest, principle, escrow for insurance, etc. - when I run my budget reporting to see what my percentage of housing (spend monthly) it only shows the items categorized under housing - the payment to principle goes into the account for the mortgage. So I don't get a true picture of my monthly housing cost. I think this is the same for car payments. What am I missing?


  • UKR
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    From a Budget view please click the Manage Budget Categories button.
    In the popup select Transfer Out in the left column, then click "TO [Name of Mortgage account register]"
    This will make your transfers to pay your mortgage appear as budget items.
    I would exclude transfers to Escrow from the list. You'll be recording insurance, taxes, etc. transactions directly in the escrow account register with proper categories. Adding transfer to escrow to the budget would double-count these expenses.
  • goingblue
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    That works from a budget perspective but when I run a report on categories I'd love to see all housing expenses show as one catagory. With the mortgage broken out I get two. One for the mortgage and one for everything else. I can do the math but I'd like to see at a glance what my percentage of income is spent for housing and transportation. Since I can't categorize the mortgage I'm stuck. I feel like I setup everything the way it's supposed to be. Thanks for giving me the budget insight. I need to study that a little bit.
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