Unable to add Chase accounts to Quicken

Before the Jan 2 announcement of large-scale problems with One Step Update, I disconnected my Chase accounts from Quicken.

As of Jan 6, I am still unable to connect Chase accounts to Quicken. The Chase login within the "Set up Now" launches a browser window to log into Chase and approve the connection. However, the browser window is blank, never offers the ability to approve the connection, and eventually times out.

Quicken Support, please advise.


  • LEO2821
    LEO2821 Member
    Answer ✓
    *** FIX FOUND *** Have MS Edge as my default browser. Installed Google Chrome and retried. WAS ABLE TO CONNECT ALL CHASE AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTION ACCOUNTS. :)
  • fulwild
    fulwild Member ✭✭
    If you are using Safari, R click on the URL, click on "Setting for ...", turn off ad blocking and also allow pop-ups. Then try reloading the blank page.
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