Upgrading to macOS Ventura 13.1.

Keith Bregman
Keith Bregman Member ✭✭
Running Quicken version 10.6.3. Are these two compatible?


  • Jon
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    edited January 2023
    Do you perhaps mean Quicken version 6.10.3? Because I don't recall there ever being a 10.anything.

    6.10.3 is fine under Ventura 13.1, I was using that combo for about a week before 6.11 got released.
  • rachelgomez
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    To install macOS 13 Ventura, you should go to System Preferences from the Apple Menu. Check out for Software updates and wait till the macOS Ventura shows up. Now, click to download it. Alternatively, you can also visit the App Store, download macOS Ventura and run the app to install.

    Rachel Gomez
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