Deleting a Saved Attachment

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I have read in this community...that others have experienced not being able to delete a Register Attachment.  The Moderator suggested Validate, supervalidate, making a copy of the data file (the Poster reported done of these steps resolved the issue), starting a new data file...all seem extreme to delete an Attachment.  One Post wrote this inability to delete Attachments was caused by a recent Quicken Update.

I finally just deleted the entire Transaction...which again is an extreme way just to delete the Attachment...because the entire Transaction had to be entered All over again.

As another Poster wrote, was this caused by a recent Quicken Update?????...I know in the past I have always been able to delete a Register Attachment?

Has any one been able to delete Register Attachments short of all the methods outlined herein?


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    There is an invisible black cloud icon to get to the pull-down menu which includes Delete. The mouse pointer changes into a pointing finger when you find it. It's in the red circle below.

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