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How to include closed accounts in Net Worth report but remove it from account sidebar? (Q Mac)

scubacat Member ✭✭
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When I close accounts I typically click on the option to hide the account and keep it separate. However, I noticed that by keeping it separate, it is no longer included in my net worth over time. I really do want these accounts shown in my net worth over time, because I want to see how my net worth increases as I pay off old loans. It looks like the only option is to uncheck the Keep Separate option, but then I have a whole list of Hidden Accounts on my sidebar. It looks like I may also be able to create a custom report with the accounts I want included. Is there any way to use the default Net Worth Over Time report with closed accounts but also prevent the account from showing on the account list on the sidebar?


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited January 5
    if you mean the graph in the Portfolio tab, you can't mark the accounts as either Separate or Hidden. They can be closed.

    If you mean one of the Net Worth reports, you can mark the accounts as Hidden but not Separate. You can then go into the Sidebar Settings and in the Accounts To Display section uncheck Hidden. The reports will still include the closed & hidden accounts, but there will be no Hidden Accounts list in the sidebar.

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  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    First of all, unless you really need the graph, please don't use the Net Worth Over Time report. That is an old-format report that is being deprecated and only included now for legacy purposes. It may have inaccuracies. Please use one of the other Net Worth by Month/Quarter/Year reports. 

    You can include Separate accounts in any report by clicking the Edit button, then Accounts > Selected Accounts, scroll down to the bottom and check Separate Accounts. You can save this as a custom report to use as a future starting point. 

    But I would not recommend marking your closed accounts as Separate. As you note, this excludes them from Net Worth. There is a good reason for that: the Separate account group is intended to be for accounts not owned by you, but for which you have control or need to view (they below to a different person or taxable entity). 

    If you simply mark the account as Hidden (but not Separate), your goal can still be accomplished. One way, as Jon mentions, is to click the three dot (...) icon at the top of the sidebar, then Sidebar Settings. Uncheck Hidden from the Accounts to Display section and it will disappear from the sidebar. But perhaps a better solution is to leave the Hidden group in the sidebar, but collapse it so it only takes up one line. To collapse the Hidden group, click the "v" symbol just to the left of the Hidden Accounts label. It will turn into a ">" and the list of hidden accounts will be, well, hidden within this one line. But you will still have quick access to them by temporarily expanding the Hidden group.
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  • scubacat
    scubacat Member ✭✭
    Thank you both for the helpful replies! I have unchecked all my closed accounts as separate and now am able to see helpful Net Worth reports. Thanks for the tip about hiding the hidden accounts in the sidebar.
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