Banking bar account total does not match register ending balance

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The total amount shown for my BOA checking account under the Banking bar, on the left, does not match the ending balance in my account register. It shows $2,200 more than the true ending balance. Every time I download my account transactions, the total amount changes and the difference increases


  • bah043001
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    The issue appears to be caused by Pending Transactions. The same pending transaction duplicates every time I download/update my account. Issue has been escalated by CSR and resolution is pending
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    I started having this same issue after the server outage at the first of the year (as best I can tell). Once the server problem was resolved I started seeing discrepancies between my ending balance in the register view and the respective account summary displayed upper left of default screen layout. One bank account and three credit card account were effected (3 of the 4 accounts are independent institutions). The dollar differences in the accounts made no immediate sense.


    At the bottom of the register view, left to right are Number of Transactions, Online Balance, Current Balance or Credit Remaining (depending on if you are looking at banking or charge accounts) and lastly Ending Balance. I have never clicked on the dropdown just to the left of Ending balance, not ever so I made no changes to this drop down recently or in the past.

    Using the dropdown I selected "Hide Pending Transactions" The registers and account summaries matched.


    On one of my accounts, the exact difference was a charge that was downloaded and posted to the register and included in the ending balance, shown as "cleared", yet was not included in the summary amount. I verified the charge was listed as "pending" at the card issuers web site. No idea when this became was available. The other discrepancies were a combination of pending transaction.

    I restored several of my daily backups from this past December and the all balances displayed as expected and as they always had up to the first of the year/days of server issues.
  • I am seeing the same issue
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    Troubleshooting Quicken in January has been an issue for the past two years. Both years it happened when I installed an update BEFORE downloading. Last year I spent so much time trying to fix, they comp’d me a year. I’lol ask again. Has anyone experienced this same issue w web version or just Windows desktop app?
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