Problems with several month old pending transactions

Allow me to say that I really like having my pending transactions showing in the register so please get this right.

Recently pending transactions were turned on. When this happened I had several pending transactions show in my register from October 2022. These transactions seemed to be duplicates of existing transactions. That's fine, I get how challenging it must be to match up downloaded transactions so small issues like that are to be expected and should be easily noted and corrected on my own. The rub here was that when I would try to delete the old pending transaction I would end up deleting a transaction from years ago while leaving the pending transaction. Once I tracked down the missing transactions I was able to restore them (I know, always make a backup. Lesson learned). Anyway, one clue that was happening was the warning that a reconciled transaction was being deleted. The workaround I found was to edit the pending transaction and save it with the "save" icon on the right of the transaction line. Then I could delete it safely. So for myself I've got everything cleaned up and hopefully this won't be an issue going forward. My purpose in posting this is twofold. Notify Intuit and notify others with the same issue.

One consequence of figuring this out was learning about other neat features in Quicken I wasn't aware were there. Specifically I discovered I could control the online balance display. My bank (Truist) was reporting the balance with pending transactions included. Now that pending transactions are back in my register I'm cool with everything. Overall I am still glad to have Quicken.

Thanks for everything.



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    Peter - look at the attachment for a stream of questions/answers etc on this
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    I looked at those you sent and left a comment on one post. I tried to find recent postings on pending transactions before I posted this thread but everything seemed so old I gave up and put this discussion up. My bad.