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First time trying to use Quicken Budget and was excited to see I didn't have to set up a budget spreadsheet this year. But every time I click on budget it takes me to 2021. If I put in 2023 it opens 2023-2024. So I have to stop and put in 12/2022 which shows dec 2022 and all of 2023. This does not make sense to me. How can I get it to stay always with my 2023 budget sheet?


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    When you click the Budget tab button (vs the drop-down), the most recent budget will be displayed.  If you originally saw 2021, then you must have created a budget in that year and forgot about it.  Just hold your mouse down on the Budget tab button and select one of the budgets.  If its 2021, or beginning in 12/2022, then hold down on the Budget button and then Delete to get rid of it.

    If you do Budget button (long press) > New then select 1/2023 as the starting month of your 12 month budget as shown here, you will see only 2023, and not 12/2022, after you click Create Budget.

    You also have various options once a budget is displayed.  For example, directly under the Budget name at the top left of the budget window/panel, click "Edit Budget".  Here, you can change the name of the Budget (e.g., to 2023 Budget), and can also change the year and starting month.  So, you could just edit your budget that starts in December and change it to be Budget Year 2023, Starting Month January.

    Notice in this same Edit window, that you can limit the budget to only selected categories and selected accounts.

    Finally... with the budget displayed... near the top right of the window, above the headings, is a Settings button that gives you some control over how the budget is displayed.

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    Thanks for the info. I think I realize now that I named the Budget 2023 before actually making sure I had the right year chosen. Because the Budget 2023 still brings up 2021. Now that I have taken the time to enter all the data, I am afraid to delete Budget 2023. So I went in to edit budget with my 12/2022 budget (actually 2023) showing but it won't let me change the month. I can change the year but it stills says December and won't let me change that. So if I change it to 2023 - it goes to 12/2023-2024 and I don't want that. I clicked on settings but it just lets me show "cents" and other display changes - not the month. Also - where is the Budget tab button? I can only see the menu item for Budget? If I could change the month while editing, I think I could rename the budget 2023. But the month won't let me change it.
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    I just got Jan - Dec 2023 showing and then clicked edit and it adds December 2022 automatically. I then tried to name this a different name and it only shows the one name which still brings up 2021 budget. So without changing the month from December, I am stuck. I tried to export the Dec 2022 -Jan 2023 and it only brings in 12 months which leaves off Dec 2023. So maybe the Mac version needs some updating. I think I can work around it manually and it is an improvement over previous budgets in Quicken but more edits need to be done to make it really work correctly.
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