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I just switched my HSA from HSA Bank to Fidelity. While HSA Bank is set up with "Savings" as account type, after setting up the Fidelity account, it only offers various brokerage types, not Savings. I'd like this account to show up in sidebar under Savings, not Brokerage. Is there any way to do this??- thanks.


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    You cannot have a brokerage account in the banking/savings group.  Brokerage accounts have different functionalities.

    If you want to connect to Fidelity to download account transactions, you have to leave it as a brokerage account.

    If you NEVER want to connect to Fidelity and want to manually make all entries for this HSA, then you can create a Savings account with that name and simply NOT set up online services.  I wouldn't recommend that, though.

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  • pdadoc
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    Thanks much for the quick reply. I guess I can try and put in a user "request," but it seems to me there should be a way to do this. I realize it would probably be needed infrequently, but this is a good example of when it IS needed- it makes no sense to "force" the HSA account to be under Brokerage...
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