Why can I not get a straight answer to "Invalid Credentials"?

Many of the answers concerning "Invalid Credentials" ask questions without providing a reason for the requested clarification.
e.g. Are you in the US?, Is a VPN involved?, etc.
Well, I am having the same problem. I have 'renewed' (not changed) my password multiple times over the last two days, so much so that now (on a Saturday, no less), I'm totally locked out.
I think that the problem is related to having a VPN and Quicken is using an IP address to validate credentials (that seems a bit ridiculous to me, but...).
I also noticed that whenever I save the login information, along with (sometimes both) user id and password, the 6 digit code to 'change' the password is also put into the Roboform entry (also seems ridiculous to me).
So, come Monday, when I call support, I'll try with my VPN turned off, a new iteration of the same password, and then try to get a straight answer about this.
Lacking an intelligent explanation, I'll find another method of tracking my finances because this is nothing but trouble and NO weekend support).


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    One possible problem with a VPN is that your IP address changes whenever you use a VPN. Quicken sees this as a security warning since hackers use the same technique and stop you from validating your credentials. I would suggest trying without the VPN or checking if your VPN supports a static IP address.
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