Transferring money from one account to another in Quicken forthe Mac.

How do I do it? There doesn't appear to be a Transfer function.

Frank B


  • John_in_NC
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    "Transferring Money" as in recording the transaction within Quicken, or actually having Quicken perform the transaction between bank accounts? 
  • fbarnko
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    recording the transaction. thank you.
  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    There are a couple ways to do that.

    One is to enable the Transfer column in the register; you can do that by clicking on the Columns button in the lower right corner when looking at the register. Once you have that available, you can create a transaction and enter the account you want to transfer the money to or from in the Transfer column. A corresponding transaction will be entered in the register for the other account.

    The other way is to use the Category column. First, you'll want to go into the Registers tab in Settings & make sure that "Allow creation of linked transfers using the category field" is checked. Then when you enter your transaction, type "Transfer" into the Category column & Quicken should provide a list of accounts you can transfer money to, such as "Transfer:[Checking]" or "Transfer:[Savings]":

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  • fbarnko
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    Thank you. EZ PEEZY - just not obvious :). What a good experience.