Ability to hide old budgets in Quicken Mac

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I don't see a way to hide my old budgets. Am I missing it? After using the program for years, I've accumulated a bunch of old budgets for prior years. I don't want to delete them as I sometimes go back to see how I did or to look up how my budget has changed over the years. the ability to hide old ones so only the current one is there when Budget is clicked would be nice. Scrolling to the bottom of the list with 7 or 8 budgets seems unnecessary. Thanks.


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    Howdy buckeyedoc:

    You are not missing anything: If you have multiple budgets, you cannot hide visibility of them. Your only option would be to delete them, and that (understandably) doesn't sound like something you wish to do.

    One thing I will point out: While there are valid reasons for having multiple (and usually differing) budgets, one needn't create a new one each year. The current budget will "roll over" into the new year with the choice as how to manage the new year's goals. It shows only as a single Budget in the list, but I can easily scroll back in years to see the budget as of 10 years ago. Some people are unaware of this.

    The only drawback to this is that is applies the currently tracked accounts and categories. But, for a lot of users, this doesn't change much. (You can modify what to show/hide, and the older budgets will show correctly if desired The data is still there.) 

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    Thanks. I see what you're talking about when the budget is the same, rolls over and then you can look back over the years. The way my brain works, I prefer to have separate budgets since some of the categories apply one year but not the next. Making those changes within the budgets gets cumbersome. For me the budgeting in the Mac version is much improved but has a way to go yet.

    Thanks for your help.
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