Help, cannot access my datafile, in endless loop of Quicken asking for my credentials

Dear Quicken users,

I have just changed my computer and can no longer access my datafile. Whan I open my datafile which I copied from my former computer, the window containing all my accounts briefly appears, but then the system asks me for my credentials.

I get an email confirmation, then trapped in a long loop of "invalid credentials", "Do you need help signing in", reset PW, rinse and repeat.

I am using Quicken Deluxe under WIndows. I live in Switzerland. I use the Quicken Canada software.

I previously changed my password, and can access my Quicken account using my new credentails, and this help website.

I do not understand in any case why I am being asked to re-enter my credentails to open my datafile when I use my Quicken datafile stored on my personal PC.


With thanks from Geneva.

Mark Willis


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Since Quicken only supports the US and Canada, using it from another country is hit or miss. Can you try using a VPN to a Canadian IP address that is static? You could also try disabling your internet connection.
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