Bug Report: "How much did I pay to?" Report Issue

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I have now confirmed with other users that this is a consistent issue. Essentially, when running the "Easy Answer > How much did I pay to?" report, the drop-down menu fails to populate with all of the Payees -- many, many are excluded.

I am running a report to review previous payments to a specific PAYEE. In creating this report, there is a drop-down menu titled "Show Payments To" which populates with a listing of all of the Payees used in transactions. However, many PAYEEs are missing from the drop-down menu -- including the one I am interested in -- so I am unable to generate the report I need.

Steps I'm taking:

1. Clicking Reports > Easy Answer > How much did I pay to
2. Settings: "For the period" = Earliest to Date
3. Setting: "Show Payments To" drop-down menu - I am looking for "Gilman Heating" so I am reviewing the options under Letter-G. Payee "Gilman Heating" does not appear in the drop-down list and a quick review shows that *at least* four G-Payees are missing (Georgia Law, General Vascular, Gilman Heating, Ginger Red, etc.). I didn't do a thorough check of what other Payees are missing. Bottom line is that some are!

FWIW - If I use a different report, the PAYEE drop-down menu does include additional PAYEES. For example, REPORTS>SPENDING>SPENDING BY PAYEE includes many that are excluded from the Easy Answer/Payee report. Also, BANKING > TRANSACTION lists many more Payees.


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    Additional comment on this problem from a different user:
    When Using "EASY ANSWER" and the "How Much Did I Pay to ..." I am finding the reports are displaying with
    the NUM field showing ATM S and the TAG field = Split. That is just plain incorrect!
    Some reports, but not all, are doing this. Please Help.
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    @radioboy- best to call Support.  this is a community board so you are basically communicating with other users of the software.  Interaction directly with Quicken is via phone (or chat), but not here. 

    by the way, are any of your accounts hidden?  I suspect they will not be part of the query if so (I just tested that to confirm).
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    For reference, @DDub prior post on this issue:


    @Mark1104, it can be beneficial to both post about the issue here and report the issue to support. If the issue is widespread, it will quickly become apparent as the posts here will garner a large number of “me too” responses. 

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