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How can I reset the bilminder register? Is there a file that I can delete in order to be created automatically a new file and clean the register? My billminder is showing a transaction to be paid on 02/01/23, but it already is paid! See the screen shots. There is only register transaction at this day. There is no overdues! I am using Quicken 2018.


  • UKR
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    Billminder problems

    While Quicken and Billminder are closed, delete (or rename) this file:
    depending on your Quicken version.
    Next time you start Quicken the file will be recreated.
    If you are using Windows File Explorer to search for this file you may need to enable "show hidden files".

  • Joao
    Joao Member ✭✭
    Hi, UKR. You really are a SUPER USER. You solved the problem. Thank very much.
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