Adding Pre-Tax Deductions reduces the W2 Gross value which is incorrect.

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Premier Version - R45.21 Build -
Windows 10 Enterprise

When adding a pre-tax deduction in the Paycheck Setup wizard the amount of the pre-tax deductions reduces the W2 Gross value.
I've done the following:
1.) Tested this on a VM.
2.) Tested on native hardware.
3.) Created a completely new quicken file with only a single account (checking).
4.) Makes no difference if you create your own Pre-Tax Seduction or a predefined Pre-Tax Deduction.
5.) Validated the quicken file - no errors.
6.) Logged out and then logged back in.

Anyone else seen this?


  • mshiggins
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    I must be misunderstanding. A pre-tax deduction, like employee contribution to a 401(k) account, should reduce your W-2 box 1 income. 

    What do you mean by W-2 Gross value?

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  • TroyT
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    That's is interesting and inconsistent with my pay check. I guess as long as the tax planning works correctly that is all that really matters. Just seems odd.
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