New Tax Reports - Schedules E and C, Poorly Organized (Q Mac)

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The newly released Tax Reports for Schedules C and E do not follow the format of their tax Schedules. Schedules C and E are organized by Property/Entity/Tag x Expense Category. The current Tax Reports are backward as they are organized by Expense Category x Property/Entity/Tag. Currently, you have to either manually export to reorganize each expense by Property/Entity/Tag to enter the amounts in the order required on each tax schedule OR Filter by Tag for each Tag. The Schedule E hierarchy should be Tag, Expense Categories. With Tag, Expense Category repeated for however many Tags there are, including No Tag.


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    I agree. This is a BIG limitation. I use Quick (subscription MAC) to manage a few properties which are tagged.

    In my old 2017 version (non-subscription) I could run a schedule E on all properties that would show the requested report: First by Tag, then by Category. I'd like to get the current Crosstab by Tag report, but also be able to export the details for tax purposes. I can see a fantastic report, but I have to open each section to see the detail. This option was automatic in the older version.

    If I need to export the Excel to create this report, I could just as easily do all my reports in excel and not use the application. Please fix this so I don't have to export the entire Cash account and write all my reports in Excel.
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